How Much Do Outplacement Services Cost?

Matt Glodz
How Much Do Outplacement Services Cost?

We Explain Outplacement Pricing and How to Negotiate Quotes

If you have been tasked with selecting outplacement services for your company, you’ll want to allocate your budget as efficiently as possible.

In this article, we explain how outplacement pricing typically works.

We also discuss how you can negotiate packages to fit your company’s budget. 

After reading, you’ll be better positioned to select an outplacement provider and find the best package for your team.

How is outplacement pricing determined?

Outplacement pricing is based on the number of individuals who require services as well as which components the chosen program includes.

For example, the base rate for a package that includes a resume review, LinkedIn coaching, and a few hours of career coaching can be under $1,000 per person.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive option that provides full-service resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn writing as well as longer-term career coaching, you’re likely looking at $2,000-$3,000 per person.

Prices can vary significantly by provider, however.

As you research providers, you’ll notice that many offer automated services such as online portals and resume builders.

You should expect to pay less for such automated services than you would for a high-touch service that provides resume writing and one-on-one career coaching.

How can I negotiate a better deal for my company?

There are two main levers you can use to negotiate a better deal.

First, you may be able to negotiate a better price if you are able to commit to a minimum number of individuals.

Many outplacement providers offer a volume discount on their base rates.

From an investment perspective, this can be a suitable option. By planning ahead, you'll spend less than you would if you ordered services on an ad-hoc basis.

Second, if you are on a budget, you can save money by requesting that the outplacement company customizes its package to your needs.

Remember that you should only provide services that your departing employees will actually use and capture value from.

By eliminating components included with a standard package, you should be able to arrive at a lower per-person rate.

For example, a well-written resume and cover letter are critical to the job search and likely to help an employee affected by layoffs secure a new role.

Online portals or long-term career coaching, on the other hand, can be viewed as optional, given that not all individuals are likely to use these services.

If you offer five hours of career coaching instead of ten, you’ll still help your departing employees identify new roles and prepare for interviews while reducing total spend.

How do I know if I received a fair quote?

Do your research!

Compare the quotes you obtain from multiple providers.

As you do, think carefully about the practical value those affected will get from the services as well as their quality.

In the end, the main goal of outplacement is to help individuals quickly secure new roles.

Each element of the outplacement package you choose should help your departing employees achieve this goal.

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