Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service

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What's included?

  • One-on-One Phone Consultation 
  • Resume & Cover Letter in Word & PDF Formats
  • Review Call and 2 Revisions

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Our Simple & Effective Process

  • Information Gathering

    To start, we'll gather background information regarding your career history and objectives.

    We'll send you a brief questionnaire that you can use to outline your experience, education, qualifications, and target roles.

    You can also send us a copy of your current resume or link to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Phone Call

    We'll schedule an hour-long phone consultation to discuss your career history and target roles in detail.

    Clients regularly tell us that our consultation is one of the best parts of working with us, doubling as excellent interview preparation.

    Your writer will also ask targeted questions to help you understand how you add value to an organization.

  • Writing & Revisions

    Your writer will craft a concise, achievement-driven resume and cover letter that differentiate you from similar applicants.

    We'll then work with you to ensure you're proud of the final products (we include two rounds of revisions and a review call, if needed).

    You'll receive the final versions of your resume and cover letter in Word and PDF formats.

Next Steps

  • Learn More & Place Your Order

    To learn more and determine whether we'll be a good fit to work with you, book an introductory call with our founder here.

    When you are ready to get started, add this service to your cart and place your order. We'll follow up with an email outlining the next steps.

  • Send Materials & Schedule Consultation Call

    Before scheduling your phone consultation, we'll ask for a copy of your old resume (if you have one) and completed questionnaire.

    We'll review these documents and pair you with the best writer for your needs.

  • Review Your Drafts

    You will receive your resume and cover letter drafts 7 business days after your consultation.

    You'll then be able to provide feedback and request changes, if needed.

    If you require a faster turnaround time, please add Next-Day Rush Service or Two-Day Express Service to your order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my documents look like?

    Our resume and cover letter designs adhere to the highest professional standards. You can see sample resumes here.

    We incorporate design elements that will make your document visually inviting, maximize skim-value, and draw the reader’s attention to the most important information.

    Based on feedback from executive recruiters, we do not produce documents with extensive colors, images, or multiple columns.

    Such designs are not always compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  • Will I get to provide input during the writing process?

    Of course! Our process is highly personalized, and you will work with your writer one-on-one every step of the way.

    Occasionally, we may push back and challenge your recommendations if they do not conform to industry best practices or would not be in your best interest.

    However, we will work with you and make any requested changes to ensure you are satisfied with your final documents.

  • Do you work with international or out-of-state clients?

    Yes! We work with clients from all over the US and around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

    We’ll conduct your initial consultation over Google Meet, so we can help no matter where you are physically located.

    We tailor your resume’s content and formatting based on where you intend to apply for jobs.

    If you found us from the UK or EU, please visit our sister company, CV Pilots.

  • How long will my resume be?

    For most of our executive clients, we prepare two-page resumes.

    We may suggest a one-page document if you have only held a few positions throughout your career or are a more junior candidate.

    We usually don't recommend submitting a resume that is over two pages in length.

    However, if you work in academia, medicine, or a research-related role, you may need an academic CV instead of a traditional resume. In this case, please contact us for a custom quote.

  • Do I need to submit a cover letter with each application?

    A cover letter instantly sets you apart from candidates who did not include one and allows you to provide key supplementary information.

    We can either prepare a targeted cover letter for a specific position or a general cover letter that you will be able to tailor for individual applications.

    We recommend sending a cover letter to achieve the three objectives:

    1) Show that you are seriously considering the position

    2) Explain how your previous experience has positioned you to succeed in the target role

    3) Address special circumstances such as career transitions, relocation, employment gaps, and visa sponsorships

  • What is your standard turnaround time? Do you offer rush service?

    Our standard turnaround time is 7 business days after completing your consultation (allow 2-3 business days for revisions).

    If you require a faster turnaround, we offer:

    Next-Day Rush Service: After completing your consultation, you will receive your first drafts the next business day.

    2-Day Express Service: After completing your consultation, you will receive your first drafts in 2 business days.

    If you have a strict deadline, please call us to confirm availability for a consultation.