Best Resume Writers for Military to Civilian | How to Choose Yours

Matt Glodz
Best Resume Writers for Military to Civilian | How to Choose Yours

How to Choose a Military Transition Resume Writer & How We Can Help You Land Interviews

When you’re transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce, you need to present your experience in a way that’s easily understood by recruiters.

Resume writers prepare documents that clearly explain how the drive and transferable skills you demonstrated in the military will make you successful in the corporate world.

In today’s competitive hiring environment, recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for a single position.

As such, it’s critically important that your documents adhere to the expected resume writing conventions and contain the information civilian recruiters expect to see.

Whether you have already left the military and are struggling to land interviews or are preparing for your transition, read on to learn how working with a resume writer is a smart investment.

What should I look for in a resume writer when transitioning from the military to a civilian job?

When choosing a resume writer, we recommend taking the time to do your research.

1) Start by reviewing the writer’s website.

If the website isn’t clean, professional, and well-organized think seriously about how your document will turn out.

Resume writers are, after all, in the business of making you look good.

2) Read their reviews.

A company should have reviews or testimonials available to give you an idea of what their former clients have to say.

3) Lastly, give them a call.

When you hire a resume writer, you want to work with a company who will take the stress out of the process and help you succeed.

What kind of clients have you worked with?

At Resume Pilots, we have successfully helped applicants going through a broad spectrum of career transitions land interviews and new roles.

We have worked with applicants who have served in various capacities in the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

How will working with Resume Pilots help me stand out?

While many companies are actively looking to hire veterans, they need to be sure you’ll be able to fulfill the position’s requirements.

Five ways in which working with Resume Pilots can help accelerate your job search include:

1) We review hundreds of resumes and partner with recruiters to understand what works.

As a result, we understand the current hiring market and what recruiters expect to see in a resume.

We take your military experience and position it for the corporate world.

From format to font to content, we know exactly what makes a good resume.

We also ensure your resume is from seemingly minor errors that could lead a recruiter to pass on your resume.

2) We do the strategic thinking and writing for you.

Because we are a third party, it is much easier for us to take the information you give us and make the connections between your military experience and your target roles.

We’ll determine how to best position you for success without using military jargon that recruiters might find confusing.

In other words, we’ll provide an unbiased view of what you should include on your resume and what to leave out.

3) We elevate your resume’s content.

Our writers are expert interviewers who will ask targeted questions that allow us to tease out valuable information that you didn’t even think to include on your resume.

We ensure that your resume goes beyond simply describing your day-to-day responsibilities.

Instead, we incorporate specific examples that provide concrete evidence of how you will add value to an organization.

4) We know the ins and outs of how online applications work.

Recruiters at most large companies use applicant tracking systems to automatically screen resumes before they make it into the hands of a recruiter.

We format our resumes so ATS systems can easily pull information from them.

We also naturally incorporate relevant keywords to ensure your document passes these initial screenings.

5) We can provide career advice and interview coaching.

The transition from the military to civilian jobs can be stressful.

We provide career coaching and interview preparation tips to help you identify suitable career paths and prepare for interviews.

To help you make a strong impression during interviews and secure jobs offers, we can also host mock interview sessions and provide feedback on your responses.

We’ll serve as your career drill sergeants, so to speak, keeping you accountable in working toward and meeting your career objectives.

About Resume Pilots

Resume Pilots is an award-winning executive resume writing firm and a proud member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Our previous clients include CEOs and senior executives at the world's leading companies.

As a professional services firm, we take your reputation seriously. We are committed to delivering writing excellence and superior service while operating with integrity and discretion. Recruitment firms we partner with also trust us to consistently deliver quality documents for their clients.

Our writers have studied in the Ivy League and other top-tier universities and have strong writing backgrounds coupled with industry experience.

Here's how we can help you:

Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Writing Services: If you are looking for end-to-end support, hire one of our professional resume writers to rewrite your documents from the ground up.

Executive Resume Template Downloads: If you plan to prepare your own resume, consider using one of our classic, ATS-friendly resume templates for Microsoft Word.

To learn more about our services, book an introductory call with our founder here or email

About the AuthorMatt Glodz

Matt Glodz is the Founder and Managing Partner of Resume Pilots and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

After studying business communication at Cornell University, Matt worked within Fortune 500 companies, where he noted that qualified candidates were frequently denied interview opportunities due to poorly written documents.

At Resume Pilots, Matt combines his business and writing background - which includes prior work for a Chicago Tribune publication - to craft resumes that give his clients the best chance of landing interviews. He works with clients ranging from CEOs to recent graduates and has been writing resumes for over 10 years.

He has been quoted on numerous business and career-related topics in outlets including Business Insider, CNBC, Fortune, Glassdoor, The Ladders, and Thrive Global.

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