Expert Advice: Should I Put My LinkedIn on My Resume?

Matt Glodz
Expert Advice: Should I Put My LinkedIn on My Resume?

3 Reasons to Include a LinkedIn URL on Your Resume

Debating whether or not you should include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume?

In this article, we explain three reasons you should include your LinkedIn URL on your resume and the best place to put it.

We recommend listing your LinkedIn URL for the following reasons:

1) Recruiters like to see that you have an online presence

Many recruiters tell us that after they review an interesting candidate, the first thing they do is look the person up on LinkedIn.

By doing so, they’re often able to put a face to the name.

In addition, they’re looking to verify that the information on your resume is accurate and that you have a professional online presence.

If you uploaded an unprofessional photo or the details on your profile don’t match up with what you said on your resume, you may significantly hurt your chances of landing an interview.

2) Company ATS systems often sync with LinkedIn

Through its Recruiter System Connect feature, LinkedIn enables companies to sync candidate LinkedIn profiles to their applicant tracking systems (iCIMS, Jobvite, Oracle, and Workday, for example).

When using LinkedIn Recruiter, hiring managers can see whether an applicant is already in their ATS system, previous positions they applied for, and how far along they made it in the recruiting process.

In their internal ATS systems, hiring managers can also see candidate LinkedIn profiles and supplementary information all in one place.

By including your LinkedIn URL on your resume, you’ll help facilitate this process, ensuring your application is synced with the correct profile.

3) You’ll save time for your readers

If you have a common name, it can take some time to sift through LinkedIn to find your profile.

Why not save recruiters the effort?

Where to Add Your LinkedIn URL

The best place to put your LinkedIn URL is in your resume’s heading.

If you don’t already have a custom LinkedIn URL, be sure to create one to remove the long string of numbers and letters that LinkedIn automatically adds after your name.

By doing so, you’ll condense the length of your URL, making it look much neater on your resume.

In Summary

If your LinkedIn profile is up to date, the benefits of including a LinkedIn URL on your resume far outweigh any potential concerns.

Given that many recruiters will look it up, anyway, you may as well make their jobs easier!

Additional LinkedIn Tips

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